Yoga for IVF and ICSI Support

Find peace & calm on your fertility treatment journey

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In this 4 week course you will:

  • Connect with your body in a positive way through gentle and restorative yoga practices
  • Learn techniques to help you cope with stress 
  • Develop peace and calm in your body and mind 
  • Enhance your reproductive health through gentle and nourishing yoga practices
  • Connect with other women going through fertility treatment in a safe and supportive space

This course is for women who:

  • Are thinking about or are planning to start their fertility treatment (IVF/ICSI/IUI)
  • Are already in the process of fertility treatment
  • Have been through several fertility treatments already


My name is Arina. I'm a yoga teacher and physiotherapist specialised in restorative yoga which is a practice designed to reduce the negative impacts of stress on body and mind.

In 2017 I went through fertility treatment (ICSI) after several years of trying to conceive naturally. Throughout this process it became clear to me that there was a great need for additional support for women going through the emotional rollercoaster of fertility treatment.

Practices such as restorative yoga, meditation and deep relaxation helped me stay grounded and connected before and during my own treatment. I would like to share these tools with you, so you can discover a sense of peace and calm on your fertility journey.

Join the waitlist for the next round


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